For over 20 years thousands of consumers have relied on the Prolight brand for high quality but affordable light bulbs. During this time we’ve witnessed the rise of new technologies that challenged, and ultimately replaced, the conventional incandescent bulb.

The latest of these technologies is LED, which we have been following closely for years resulting in our current state-of-the art range of LED powered bulbs. Modern LED bulbs can replace all but a few commonly used lightbulbs while consuming only a fraction of the electricity. Our most recent LED collection, the LED Classic range, combines the light quality and energy efficiency of LED with a completely clear look for that classic lightbulb appeal.

However Prolight offers more than a broad assortment of lightbulbs. Looking for a functional fluorescent fitting or a more decorative gardenlight? We’ve got you covered!

In any case we hope you enjoy our new site and its brand new new search and filter functionalities. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know or check out our many A-brands on